How to Register

Registration Deadline: Friday, February 16, 2024 at 9 p.m.
Late Registrations accepted until Friday, February 23, 2024 with a 25% late fee penalty.
Titles & Composers (TBA) information due Friday, March 8, 2024
Original compositions due Friday, March 22, 2024 (Emailed to

All registrations must be completed online through our Registration Portal at:

For more information, please download our HOW TO REGISTER document.

Registration Steps:
Step 1: Set up your own Profile ENT# (or log into your existing account)
Check the button(s) to register yourself as a Teacher, Participant, Parent, Volunteer, or all of the above.
a. Parents must set up their profiles first, and can then set up profiles for their children from within their account.
b. Teachers must set up a profile and share their profile’s ENT# with their students so they can be linked.
c. Teachers can also set up profiles for their group(s) from within their own account.
Note: Profile ENT#s remain from year to year.
Step 2: Set up Profiles for your Children or Groups
To set up a profile for your CHILD, or for a GROUP PROFILE of 4+ participants, simply go to LINKED ACCOUNTS in the Menu and click on “Create a New ‘Child’ or ‘Group’ Profile”.
Step 3: Register for Classes (You can register and pay for anyone linked to you from within your OWN account.)
• If you are linked to a completed Participant’s Profile, you can now register them in SOLO classes.
• If you are linked to ALL Participants in a Duet or Trio, you can now register them in Duet & Trio classes.
• If you are linked to a GROUP, you can now register them in Group classes.
Simply log into your account to add class registrations, pay for classes, or to update classes for anyone linked to you.
Step 4: Complete Registration & Payment
All sections of the class registration must be completed.
Title and composer areas remain open to editing after registration is complete, up to the TBA deadline.
If the title/composer isn’t known yet, you can enter TBA.
The Title & Composer area must be completed by the TBA deadline.
Every class registration must also indicate who will be paying for the class.
NOTE: Classes are NOT REGISTERED until they are PAID.

Profile ENT#s:
Every profile will receive a unique ENT#.
• When creating registration profiles, use the preferred email for us to contact you.
• Family members and Groups can share the same email address, but every profile ENT# must have its own unique password.
• If forgotten, passwords are easily reset by clicking the ‘Forgot Password’ link.
Teachers must share their ENT# with their students.
• Teachers can use the ‘Send ID to Others’ button to quickly share your information with your students.
Once participants are linked to their teachers and parents, registrations can be completed by the teacher, parent, or the participant.

Which Classes?

You do NOT need to be studying at formal/graded levels, in order to enter our festival.
Please visit our Download Syllabus web page, or CONTACT US at for more help.
We’re here to help!

Online Payments

The GCK Festival of Music uses the secure online Stripe system for payments.

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