Welcome to our 85th Year!


The Grey County Kiwanis Festival of Music began in 1932 with a mission to advance and develop musical talent and education in Grey & Bruce Counties. The organization holds a yearly music competition and an awards night.

Important Notice: Registration and payments for our 2017 Festival will be online only.

What's New:

The Grey County Kiwanis Festival of Music is currently recruiting volunteers, committee members and new board members. Contact Us for more information about how you can get involved!


The Grey County Kiwanis Festival of Music

Festival Dates: April 3-13, 2017
Festival of Stars Award Night: Monday, April 24, 2017

The Registration deadline has been EXTENDED!

New Registration Deadline: Saturday, February 18, 2017

NEW FOR 2017

Three new awards for 2017. A Sweetwater Music Festival Award for Violin, an Orchestra North String Scholarship, and a Southampton Summer Music Scholarship.

We have simplified our online registration system, to make it easier to register.

We now have a printable Syllabus! Go to our Rules Page to download your syllabus.

All participants will still be competing for Gold, Silver or Bronze awards, but they will also receive their corresponding mark. See our News page for more information.


Browsing the Online Syllabus

1. Select your Parent Group (ex. Piano)

2. Choose your Category of interest (ex. Ensemble)

3. Click the Search button.

You will notice that a number of Types will be displayed. (Ex.Duets, Duos, Double Duos, Mentor Duets, etc). When you click on a Type link, all classes associated will be displayed.

A printable Syllabus is also available for you to browse.



Set Pieces for 2017

Piano Set Pieces for 2017

Concert Band: Our festival no longer provides set pieces for Concert Band. We have provided our old list, to help with your selection. As our list is outdated, you may choose an alternate graded piece. Perform TWO contrasting selections at the same level.
Suggested Graded Concert Band Selections


The Class Schedule

The Class Schedule will be available online approximately two weeks after registration closes.

To Browse the Participant Class List:

1. Click on the Class Schedule tab at the top.

2. Click on the Participant Class List tab in the top ribbon of the Calendar Page.

3. You can search by Participant name, Account Holder's name, or Class number.The name fields will work with all, or part of the name. If you're looking for a group, simply type the group name into the Entrant field.

4. Click the "VIEW REPORT" button.

5. The report can be exported to a pdf file, Word document, or an Excel report.


To Browse the Class Schedule:

1. Click on the Class Schedule tab at the top.

2. Click on the Class Schedule tab in the top ribbon of the Calendar Page.

3. You can search by Class number, Venue location, Adjudicator name, or by Category of interest (Ex. Ensemble).

4. Then click the "SEARCH" button.

5. You can set the Page Size to 10-200. You can view the report in the default grid view, or switch to Calendar view.


Enjoy the Festival!


Festival Coordinator: Karen Kyle