What is a syllabus? Expand

Our syllabus is a complete list of classes and class codes used to categorize each competitor’s performance.

How do I pay? Expand

All payments are online only. You may pay by Visa, Master Card, or with your PayPal account. You do NOT need a PayPal account in order to pay online. For those requiring approval of their registration before payment, the details can be printed. Simply sign back into your account and complete the payment process after approval. Cheques are no longer being accepted.

How do I complete my registration if I don’t know the titles yet? Expand

Your registration can be completed by entering TBD in the title area. You can sign into your account later, after your registration is complete, to edit the titles of the pieces you will be performing. THE TITLE INFORMATION MUST BE COMPLETED TWO WEEKS AFTER THE REGISTRATION DEADLINE. Your title information goes into our programme. Our adjudicators and audience like to know the pieces you will be performing.

Why do entries have to be in by February when the festival does not run until April? Expand

Once the festival receives all entries, they are then downloaded into a calendar program. Classes must be assigned to adjudicators and venues. Classes are also adjusted to allow for band set up time, costume changes etc. Once the classes are set, the festival program must be set up for printing. As a volunteer organization, time is required in order to complete the work.

Can I have all my classes together? Expand

Our classes are scheduled by style. Many classes have more than one student enrolled. If you are considering emailing us with a request to change an individual’s scheduled times, please be advised that we have worked meticulously on our schedule to benefit the maximum number of students. We must also strive to make the best use of our adjudicator’s time.

Can I request to compete on a certain day during the festival? Expand

Requests for performing on a certain day, unfortunately, cannot be accommodated. With the large number of participants at our festival, one person’s request may be another person’s conflict. Our online program detects any solo/duet/trio competitor conflicts between venues and needed travel time. Knowing our festival dates are in April, we hope you are able to adjust your schedule to join in the fun.

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