Festival Rules

Please remember to bring an original copy of your performance piece for our adjudicators. Photocopies are NOT permitted!

Did you know?

In 2016, for the first time in our Kiwanis Festival's history, all registrations, payments and scheduling were done entirely online.

We appreciate our patrons taking this journey with us to modernize our festival.


Rules & Information

The 87th Annual Grey County Kiwanis Festival of Music!

Festival Dates:  April 1-12, 2019
Festival of Stars Awards Concert: Tuesday, April 23, 2019
REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Friday, February 1, 2019

Our 2019 Rules document coming soon!

Certificates and Awards

All participants will be competing for Gold, Silver or Bronze certificates, instead of First, Second, Third. All participants will also receive their actual mark.

Gold Standard (85-100) Exceptional, Highly Skilled, Outstanding Performance
Silver Standard (80-84) Skilled, Excellent Performance
Bronze Standard (75-79) Agreeable Performance
Participant (Below 75)

No longer will two superb performances have one participant elated because they received first, leaving the other to feel they have somehow failed with a mark behind. In our new approach to our festival, both outstanding performances leave with a gold certificate.

Additionally, if there is just one performer in the class, that does not guarantee a gold as was so often the case. Now each student will receive a certificate based upon the quality of their performance.

Awards handed out at our Festival of Stars Awards Concert will remain the same. Adjudicators will select the participants they feel are most worthy of recognition.

Provincial Recommendations: Our gold standard meets the Provincial competition mark requirement. We look forward to sponsoring our recommendations!

We hope all our performers have an enjoyable and educational experience!

Printable Syllabus

Please note that registration is ONLINE only. We have provided downloadable, printable PDFs of our syllabus for your convenience on our Download Syllabus page.



Grey County Kiwanis Festival of Music

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Federation of Canadian Music Festivals (FCMF)
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