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Adult Classes now available!

Brass Band

Classes available for Vocal, Instrumental, Band, Guitar, Piano, and more! See our complete Adult syllabus listing by clicking on the syllabus link on our main menu.


Adult Programming

The Chantry Choir

Director Anne Little leads the Chantry Singers through some vocal warmups before performing Tuesday night as part of the annual Grey County Kiwanis Festival of Music's Festival Stars concert. BILL HENRY/The Sun Times/QMI Agency

Do You Sing? Do You Play An Instrument? We want YOU! 

The Grey County Kiwanis Festival of Music has added a series of newly designed adult music classes to their repertoire. The classes are open to anyone aged 18 and over. 

The key to these newly designed programs is flexibility. Classes are open to all levels of experience (including self-taught musicians), all styles, genres and instrument types. Music selection is wide open and includes, but is not limited to: ballads, rock & roll, jazz, blues, country, music theatre, folk, spiritual, contemporary, and classical. Performers can choose from a range of solo, duet and group options. We encourage participation in more than one class! Vocal, choral, composition, brass, woodwind, strings, percussion, band, guitar, and piano are all available for adults. We encourage players of all types of instruments to enter.