Find Your Class

Note: A Class Schedule will not be released for the 2021 Virtual Festival.

The Class Schedule

The schedule is usually ready in late February to early March.
Once the schedule is complete, an email will be sent out to every current account holder.
You will then be able to find your classes through our online schedule.

To browse the schedule by Participant or Account holder:

1. Go to the Online Schedule, Participant Class List

2. You can search by Participant name, Account Holder’s name, or Class number.The name fields will work with all, or part of the name. If you’re looking for a group, simply type the group name into the Entrant field.

3. Click the “VIEW REPORT” button.

4. The report can be exported to a pdf file, Word document, or an Excel report.


To browse the schedule by general Class categories:

1. Go to the Online Schedule, Class Schedule.

3. You can search by Class number, Venue location, Adjudicator name, or by Category of interest (Ex. Ensemble).

4. Then click the “SEARCH” button.

5. You can set the Page Size from 10 to 200.

6. You can view the report in the default grid view, or switch to Calendar view.

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