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For your convenience, we've provided our entire syllabus in a downloadable format. Any changes to our syllabus, after registration has begun, will be immediately available on our online version.

New for 2018:

We've asked specialists in several disciplines to help us improve and simplify our syllabus.

Please contact us if you'd like to help us improve our syllabus.


2019 Syllabus

We are currently updating our syllabus for the 2019 season.


- Music Theatre is moving to its own syllabus with four new options!

- Community Vocals/Choirs and School Vocals/Choirs will be combined into one syllabus.  (Same great categories, but more help with choosing the correct class for solos, ensembles, and Provincial recommendation.

- Trained Vocal is receiving an update, with clarifications of Provincial regulations.


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2018 Syllabus

Please note that REGISTRATION is ONLINE only. We provide printable PDFs of our syllabus for your convenience. We will try to post any changes or additions to our Syllabus on this page. Our ONLINE SYLLABUS will always reflect our current syllabus.


OLD SYLLABUS from 2018
(NOTE: Many class codes will change for 2019)

These classes are generally designed for students with formal, graded training.
Guitar - Classical
Piano Updated Jan 18, 2018 (Can. pieces can be used in Impressionistic classes)
Trained Brass, Woodwinds, Percussion
Trained Strings & Orchestra
Trained Vocal & Music Theatre


These classes are open to everyone, regardless of their training.
Adult Classes
Community Instrumental
Community Vocal, Music Theatre, and Choirs
Guitar - Popular
School Instrumental
School Vocal and Choirs
Speech Arts & Drama


2018 Piano Set Piece Listing - Updated Jan 10/18
YouTube Videos of Piano Set Pieces 2018 - by Jen Smith Lanthier
Suggested Speech and Drama Titles - by Sandcastle Theatre
Suggested Graded Concert Band Selections - Updated Jan 10/18



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